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“Tell the Story … Knowledge Is Power” 

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“What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?” Margaret Burroughs, a poet, asked.

Arthur Schomburg, notable historian, had desires for “… a collection or a list of books …     teach our people our own history … and … Where are our storytellers?”

Harvard University study concluded knowledge of self-history and ancestry are critical to building positive characteristics for success. Do our children possess this knowledge base?

Do you own a personal and/or home reference book of the dark man of the world from the beginning of civilization … to the most despised man in the world … to the most powerful man  in the world?

The Story GrandPa Told


American & World African Legends & Culture

provides essential information of self-history and ancestry which leads to knowledge to answer the above questions.

More than 400 biographies of chiefs, kings, pharaohs, queens, leaders, artists, musicians, doctors, poets, educators, inventors/scientist, singers, actors/actresses, athletes, activists, and, ordinary people who made extra-ordinary accomplishments through faith and determination are included;

Information on more than 150 countries on six continents including: United States, Egypt, India, Brazil, Canada, Bahamas, England, China, Jamaica, Australia, Russia, Spain, Caribbean, etc…

Comprehensive time stamp from thousands of years BC to the 21st Millennium AD;

Cultural, religious, social, psychological, life experiences of the dark man and their contributions to mankind and the world are covered; and,

Two section index of individuals, occupations, inventions, etc… coupled with a cultural listing of books, publications, poems, songs, music, art, productions, speeches, movies, sculptures, quotes, and others to be used as reference aids for further study.

“Pass the Story Forward”   ©

       “Tell the Story … Knowledge Is Power

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