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The Story GrandPa Told

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“Tell the Story … Knowledge Is Power” 

Our Intergenerational Interactive Activity  

“What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?” Margaret Burroughs, a poet, asked.

Arthur Schomburg, notable historian, had desires for “… a collection or a list of books …     teach our people our own history … and … Where are our storytellers?”

Harvard University study concluded knowledge of self-history and ancestry are critical to building positive characteristics for success. Do our children possess this knowledge base?

Do you own a personal and/or home reference book of the dark man of the world from the beginning of civilization … to the most despised man in the world … to the most powerful man  in the world?

The Story GrandPa Told


American & World African Legends & Culture

provides essential information of self-history and ancestry which leads to knowledge to answer the above questions.

More than 400 biographies of chiefs, kings, pharaohs, queens, leaders, artists, musicians, doctors, poets, educators, inventors/scientist, singers, actors/actresses, athletes, activists, and, ordinary people who made extra-ordinary accomplishments through faith and determination are included;

Information on more than 150 countries on six continents including: United States, Egypt, India, Brazil, Canada, Bahamas, England, China, Jamaica, Australia, Russia, Spain, Caribbean, etc…

Comprehensive time stamp from thousands of years BC to the 21st Millennium AD;

Cultural, religious, social, psychological, life experiences of the dark man and their contributions to mankind and the world are covered; and,

Two section index of individuals, occupations, inventions, etc… coupled with a cultural listing of books, publications, poems, songs, music, art, productions, speeches, movies, sculptures, quotes, and others to be used as reference aids for further study.

“Pass the Story Forward”   ©

       “Tell the Story … Knowledge Is Power

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10 Year Old Spearheads Campaign to “Pass the Story of Diaspora Forward”

            By: Tyrone A. Ash, Advisor – OIIA, LLC  954-854-9216  email

Video available for viewing after February 2, 2015 on YouTube

“GP, why you like that?” Jordyn Alexis Ash asked her grandpa when she was three years old. The question spooked him! Grandpa went on to write a book on the Diaspora. Jordyn says, “I am the inspiration for the writing of a book on the story of the Diaspora. Therefore, I am destined to be a part of Pass the Story of the Diaspora Forward”.


“Pass the Story of the Diaspora Forward” will increase knowledge of self-history and ancestry in my generation for success. The future of my generation depends on this activity. My generation need and demand all tools to improve chances of success,” Jordyn said.  A study at Harvard University concluded knowledge of self-history and ancestry is essential to success. This activity, “Pass the Story of the Diaspora Forward” implements the conclusion of the Harvard study, increase knowledge of self-history and ancestry for success.


“I am sounding the alarm for all ‘First Responders’ (parents, teachers, politicians, businesses, historical societies, organizations, unions, entertainers, athletes, etc…) to come to the aide of the future of my generation. Help me put the story of the Diaspora in their hands,” Jordyn said. First Responders can assist spreading the story of the Diaspora by participating in the special “Purchase a Story – Share a Story” promotion. Purchase the reference book on the Diaspora, “The Story Grandpa Told of American and World African Legends and Culture” and share a reference book with a child, family, and, friend.


Jordyn has communicated with President Barack Obama and his family. The President’s response was “… remember to give back to your community and chase your dreams with passion, I have confidence you will do big things…” To give back to the community, portions of each sale of the reference book will support Education Is Cool – Get One, Inc., co-sponsor of “Pass the Story of the Diaspora Forward”. EICGO is a 501c3 organization with the mission to encourage participation of parents and guardians     in their child’s education and school. “This effort is an intergenerational interactive activity for the betterment of the future of my generation,” Jordyn stated.


“Should we tell our children the story of ‘Hold Your Hands Up’? Should we tell our children the story  ‘I Can’t Breathe’? Or, should we tell the story of children playing dead in the streets? We should ‘Pass the Story of the Diaspora Forward’ which leads to success in the present and future.” These statements were made by Jordyn during a video production session for “Pass the Story of the Diaspora Forward”. The video will be submitted to the White House Youth Film Festival. Jordyn, a fifth grader at Edward  L. Bouie, Sr. Elementary in Decatur, Georgia and Tionna Johnson, a freshman at Stephenson High in Lithonia, Georgia are producing the video. Your purchase of the reference book supports this activity and creation of more activities to increase knowledge of self-history and ancestry.


Take advantage of Purchase A Story – Share A Story today at Remember your purchase support activities for success of today’s generation and assistance to Education Is Cool – Get One in their mission. Donate at


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