“What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?” is a poem of Margaret Burroughs. Youth in the 1960s was taught by the Civil Rights Era.  In the 1950’s, one in two former slavers could read and write during “Jim Crow Era”. After slavery, everyone pushed education. All of these time periods in history had one common element. The element was interactions of all generations in an activity of purpose with goals to foster and increase success.

Harvard University Professors concluded in a study of success that knowledge of self-history and ancestry were crucial elements for success of an individual. By increasing knowledge of self-history and ancestry in the lives of children and adults, their success    rate will increase. Listen to our children about this knowledge in their video.

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Pass Story Diaspora Forward, Inc. (IRS 501c3) has partnered with this campaign to ensure generations possess the foundational blocks for a successful future. PSDF has the mission to influence, encourage, and promote parents and guardians to be involved with their child/children’s education and on the campuses of their schools.

Show your support! Donate to PSDF or, purchase a copy of “The Story GrandPa Told of American and World African Legends and Culture” at the site www.intergenactivity.com  Revenues from your purchase goes to support the creation of additional activities (videos, T-Shirts with logo, …) for this campaign.